COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Discount Hail Repair is dedicated to the safety of our customers and team members alike. We’re taking additional measures to mitigate the risk of transmission to our customers and employees.

No Contact Service

We’re following the guidelines put forth by the CDC and offering No-Contact Service at all locations.


Hail Advisors practice appropriate social distancing when you check in and we look over your vehicle. 

You can leave your keys on the dash board of your car, and all documentation in the front seat and we'll take car of the rest.

No Contact Documentation

We've gone virtual wherever possible, providing documentation to our customers via e-mail. 

We'll e-mail you our Customer Agreement and Customer Programs form to sign, and either email back or leave in the front seat of your vehicle. 

We'll also also email you a copy of your receipt upon completion of repair and keep for your records.

Keeping it Clean

During check-in, we will cover all high traffic areas, such as your steering wheel and driver's seat. 

After your repair is complete, your vehicle will be thoroughly disinfected before being returned to you. 

Our team also wears masks and gloves whenever appropriate for maximum safety.


Below are some of the protocols and action items we’re taking in our locations to mitigate against the spread of the virus. We’re asking all of our team members to follow the guidelines put forth by the CDC to prevent the spread of the infection.

In Our Locations:


Please do not be offended if our employees refrain from shaking your hand. We warmly welcome you with a smile but will keep our hands to ourselves and follow the recommendations for Social Distancing.

When you arrive for your appointment, our staff will keep their distance until you exit the vehicle. They will then proceed to wipe down the frequently touched surfaces in your vehicle with a disinfecting solution. Likewise, when we return your vehicle to you, we will do the same.

We’ve increased the number of times our facilities staff cleans and disinfects common areas across all of our locations by sterilizing all customer-facing and employee common areas systematically throughout the day. These areas include but not limited to door handles, countertops, restroom surfaces, handrails, tables, chairs, and many more commonly-touched areas.

We specifically focus on cleaning all customer-waiting areas (desks, tables, chairs, etc.) as soon as they’re vacated by other customers.



DHR Employees 


All team members are asked to isolate themselves for the recommended 14 days if someone in their household is either demonstrating symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or is determined to have come into contact with someone who has. 

DHR Team Members who become ill are being instructed not to come to work until they’ve fully recovered. If they display symptoms consistent with COVID-19, we ask that they return with clearance from their physician or after a self-quarantine period of 14 days and fully symptom fee.

We’ve strategically placed hand sanitizer around our facilities that are accessible to all DHR team members to allow for them to sterilize their hands regularly.

We’re requiring our staff to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.

We’ve instructed our staff to either wash hands or use hand sanitizer, after handling food and touching personal items.