1. Complete the Customer Agreement

Our Customer Agreement allows us to work on your vehicle, and provides us with authorization to speak with your insurance about your hail claim.

2. Bring your vehicle to your designated drop off.

If you have not filed your claim yet, please make sure to bring your policy number with you to your appointment and we'll call in the claim together.

If you have a claim filed, but your insurance hasn't appraised the vehicle, please bring your policy or claim number to your appointment.

If you have already filed your claim and received an original estimate from your insurance company, please bring your insurance claim paperwork to your appointment.

3. Hand us the keys and We'll handle the rest!

Before you're appointment, we'll already have arrangements made for your rental, loaner, and/or shuttle. Once we've completed the drop off/check-in process, we'll get you back on the road or where you need to go!


If your vehicle requires service at the dealership, we'll get that our of the way first. Once service is completed, we'll take it from there.

4. Technician Review & Insurance Approval

One of our ARC Certified PDR Technicians will review the vehicle, marking all dents, and damaged parts on your car.

We will then submit our internal estimate to your insurance company for review, who, upon approval, will issue payment, or a difference in payment - depending on if an appraisal has already been completed.

Typical turn around time for insurance review is 3-5 days in off-season and 5-7 days during peak season.

5. Repairing your vehicle

Once all estimates/supplements are approved, we begin repairs!


First stage of repair is PDR, where we manually remove the dents on your vehicle using an assortment of specialized tools.
This portion of repair may take anywhere from 5-7 business days, depending on the severity of damage.


While most of our customers do not require panel replacement on their vehicles, sometimes it can't be avoided. Repair time for panel replacement varies, depending on the panel, but our Hail Advisor will notify you if any paint or body work is required, as well as the estimated additional repair time needed.


If any moldings or trim pieces are needed, they are ordered the same or following business day the appraisal is approved, and installed once all other portions of repair are completed.

6. Detail & Quality Check

Once the repair is completed, our team will do a wash, vacuum, and wipe down of the vehicle, followed by a Multi-point Quality Check (QC).

During this QC, we will be:​

- Reviewing all elements of the repair to ensure they are completed to the highest standard.

- Verifying all lights and buttons in the vehicle are in proper working order.

Once this step is completed, we will reach out to let you know your car is ready for pick-up!

7. It's Time to pick you your car!

If you utilized a rental during your repair, we'll meet you at the rental facility and shuttle you to your car.

Your Pick-Up location will be the same as your Drop-Off location. We'll do a final walk around with you, collect any payments, and email you a receipt for your records.


If you have received any checks from your insurance company, you will want to bring them to your pick up.

*If you have received the original check and deposited it into your bank account, you may write a personal check, or obtain a cashiers check from your bank*

* Please advise, we do not take CC payments*