The Auto- Hail Repair Process - Part 1, The Customer's Easy 5 Step To Do List For Repair

You just got hail damage on your car, now what? Whether you've filed a claim before, or are a veteran hail victim, making sure you get the most out of your hail repair with the least amount of effort is our top priority. Here is a step by step guide to help you make an informed decision on your repair!

STEP 1: File Your Claim

Most likely, you've probably gotten this far. Some Insurance Providers allow you to start the claims process online, and some require their customers to call their claims department to get going. It doesn't matter HOW you get you get started, as long as you get a claim number for your repair. A few things to remember during this step of the process:

  1. Driving around trying getting estimates to submit to your insurance company is not productive. Unlike some collision claims, insurance providers do not pay out on hail claims with a quote from your local shop. Instead, they require one of their adjusters review the vehicle first, on their pricing matrix, and will issue payment based off of their findings.

  2. You may be eligible for Discount Hail Repair's Claim Assistance Program! Sometimes your insurance provider will allow your initial estimate to be reviewed at our shop. If you need help filing your claim, call us at 1-844-766-4245 to book your No Obligation Consultation. We can file your claim with you and tell them that we will be handling everything from there!

STEP 2: Have Your Car Appraised by an Insurance Adjuster

*If you take advantage of DHR's Claim Assistance Program you can skip this step, because we do it for you!*

Sometimes they will send an adjuster out to your home, but most likely, they will schedule an appointment for you to drive through a CAT tent, or tell you to go to a big name body shop for your initial estimate. If they request that you take your vehicle to a big name body shop for review, that DOES NOT mean that you have to repair your vehicle at that facility.

Keep in mind that this part of the process may take from 1-3 hours depending on how severe the damage is and how backed up the CAT tent or body shop is that day.

Once the adjuster has completed the initial estimate, they will provide a record of damages, and sometimes a check which automatically has the deductible subtracted from the total amount. For various reasons, this initial estimate is typically only 30% - 50% of the total cost of repair and your shop of choice will reach back out to your insurance provider to collect the remaining amount needed for repair after you've dropped off your car at their shop.

STEP 3: Choose Your Shop of Repair & Schedule a Time for your Car to be Dropped

*Once Again, If you take advantage of DHR's Claim Assistance Program you can skip this step, because you dropped it off in step 1!*

Whether it's Discount Hail Repair, or one of the other guys, it's always best do some research before choosing a shop of repair. Here are some things to look for when trying to make a decision:

  • Does the shop have a good online presence? ( 5 Star Google/Yelp/Facebook Rating, A+ BBB Rating, etc.)

  • Do they have a portfolio of their work?

  • What perks does the shop have to make sure your repair is easy?

  • Are they a local company, or are they from outside of the area?

Once you think you have found your shop, make sure to call them to book an appointment. When you call it is important to ask them:

  1. If there is a wait time for your vehicle to be repaired.

  2. What the current average time it takes to repair a vehicle.

If the shop you call is booked out for more than a week, or if the average time it takes to repair a vehicle is longer than 10 days, it probably isn't the right shop for repair.

STEP 4: Drop Your Car Off at the Shop

*Once Again, If you take advantage of DHR's Claim Assistance Program you can skip this step, because you dropped it off in step 1!*

After this there shouldn't be anything else for you to do until your vehicle's repair is completed. A good repair shop may also be able to pick your car up from your home, work or car rental location to make things even easier for you!

If you want to learn what happens while you're car is in the shop, come back next month for part 2!

STEP 5: Pick Your Car Up

Once your repair is completed, it's time to pick up your car! Once again, a good repair shop may also be able to drop your car off at your home, work or car rental location to make things even easier for you!

Just make sure to bring any checks that the insurance may have given to you to pay for the repair.

It is also good practice to inspect your vehicle before signing any release forms, and to ensure that you have a copy of a receipt either in hard copy or digital form.

This way, if it hails on your vehicle in the future, you will have proof of your repair!

And that is it! That's all you need to do! Be sure to check back with us for our next blog post: The Auto Hail Repair Process - Part 2, Step by Step Procedure of How We Complete Your Repair!

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