Terms of Service
This document explains the terms and conditions that apply to your repair with Flash Finish Dent Repair, LLC. Dba. Discount Hail Repair (Discount Hail Repair/DHR). The terms "includes" or "including" mean "including without limitation." By signing the Customer Service Agreement from Discount Hail Repair, you are entering into an agreement with us and you will be bound by the Terms of Service. All price quotes are guaranteed solely towards the Customer and are based on deductible amount, vehicle information, and type of repairs agreed upon. Quotes exclude actual repair costs and any reimbursement is dependent upon the check issued by the insurance company and total charge to the customer. Repair approval will depend on the adjuster’s assessment and is not guaranteed. DHR is authorized to repair the customer’s vehicle once approved by the customer’s insurance. DHR is not responsible for the loss or damage to this vehicle and/or articles left in the vehicle, due to fire, theft, hail, or any causes beyond its control. While in process of repair, the customer grants permission to the company’s representatives to operate the vehicle for purpose of testing, repairing, detailing, inspection and/or shuttling to/from our repair facility. If closer analysis reveals additional repairs are necessary, either the customer or insurance company will be contacted for authorization of any repair charges. If new parts listing in the insurance estimate are not available or repairable, DHR will repair such parts when possible. Old parts will be thrown away unless otherwise instructed. The customer grants DHR permission to manufacture access to dents that may not be accessible due to their location on the vehicle.  DHR is not responsible for prior damage listed on the Prior Damage Assessment, documented and/or photographed during technician check in, or found in photographs taken during the initial or supplemental appraisal completed by your insurance company, unless agreed upon by ownership.

Prior Damage Assessment (PDA)

Discount Hail Repair is not responsible for any prior damage to the vehicle, unless discussed with and approved by ownership. All prior Damage is documented on the Customer Agreement form and/or upon check in with PDA Check In photos & video. In the event a customer believes additional damages outside of the original scope of repairs was done during DHR’s repair process, review of all PDA documentation will be reviewed and all damages will be handled accordingly.

Minor Dents, Door Dings, Minor Collision, & Auto Hail Cash Negotiations 

Discount Hail Repair will repair all minor dents, door dings, minor collision, and Auto-Hail Cash Negotiation dents that are observed by the technician as repairable through Paintless Dent Repair and where the pricing quote has been approved by the customer. All pricing is based off of the Paul Kordon or MTRX Standard Hail Matrix, and any discounts are provided at the Discretion of Discount Hail Repair’s ownership. Pricing may vary per dent based off of size, depth, sharpness, location, accessibility, vehicle year/make/model, and whether or not any additional paintwork/bodywork is required. Pricing does not include any parts, paint or body work necessary for complete repair. In the event the customer needs or desires parts, paint, or body work pricing, Discount Hail Repair will obtain an official quote from one of it's contracted affiliates for the aforementioned services outside of paintless dent repair. Discount Hail Repair reserves the right to refuse repair to any dents that are not repairable through Paintless Dent Repair. Due to varying weather and vehicle conditions, Discount Hail Repair does not guarantee that paint will not be damaged during the repair process. In the event paint becomes damaged the customer will be responsible for any additional charges on paint repair. In the event that the customer does not wish to repair paint damage, they may decline to do so. Minor Dents, Door Dings, Minor Collision, & Auto-Hail Cash Negotiation requests are not eligible for Deductible Assistance, Shuttle Assistance, Car Rental Assistance unless a claim is filed through the customer’s insurance and meets the eligibility requirements for each service. Minor Dents, Door Dings, and Minor Collision requests are not eligible for any Auto-Hail Repair specials or promotions. Any specials or promotions offered to Minor Dents/Door Dings/Minor Collision customers must be redeemed in person at our location. Discount Hail Repair reserves the right to decline any expired offers.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Discount Hail Repair is committed to providing a high quality repair. If the customer is not 100% satisfied with the repairs done to the vehicle, DHR will re-access the work and make any additional repairs necessary. In the event DHR’s paintless dent repair results are found to be defective, the defective repairs will be reviewed and repaired under the terms and conditions of Discount Hail Repair’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover prior damage to the vehicle, including, but not limited to: dents/door dings outside of the scope of repair, panels not repaired by DHR, rust/surface rust/rust through/damage caused by rusting of exterior panels, faulty care/maintenance, parts/materials/equipment featuring manufacturer’s warranty, stripes/decals, or subsequent hail storms. Discount Hail Repair's Paintless Dent Repair process guarantee's against shine/gloss deterioration, blistering, peeling, wrinkling, and defects in primer adhesion.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Discount Hail Repair (DHR) guarantees all work with a limited lifetime warranty. In the event DHR's paintless dent repair results are found to be defective under the warranty, DHR will repair any defective dents and correct any paint flaws proved to be defective as a result of DHR's PDR process, at DHR's place of business, with DHR providing the labor/materials free of charge, during the warranty period. All repairs including a limited lifetime warranty are subject to exception and limitations pursuant to the written conditions agreed upon by the customer and DHR or a DHR representative prior to the commencement of work. Warranties only cover panels repaired by Discount Hail Repair.  All DHR warranties exclude: A. Prior damage done to the interior/exterior of the vehicle outside of the DHR’s Scope of repair. B: Panels not repaired by DHR. C. Rust, surface rust, rust through, and/or damage caused by rusting of or exterior panels. D: Damage arising from unreasonable vehicle use. E. Faulty care and maintenance. F. Parts, materials, and equipment featuring manufacturers’ warranties. G. Stripes and decals either OEM or aftermarket. H. Any issue which does not directly correspond with the vehicle’s repair. The lifetime warranty on all repairs is valid for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. In the event the customer sells, leases, or trades in the vehicle, the warranty will expire and be considered null and void from the date of sell/lease departure. The warranty is not transferable. In the event the vehicle is subjected to subsequent hail storms, or if DHR is able to determine and verify the damage differs from the damage on the original repair, the current warranty shall become void and a new repair must be processed to instate a new warranty  on the vehicle. DHR’s Limited Lifetime Warranty shall not be varied, supplemented qualified or interpreted by any prior course of dealings, and shall be null and void if the repair is altered, adjusted, or tampered with by any person not authorized by Discount Hail Repair.

Deductible Assistance Program

Discount Hail Repair will waive deductible costs on full coverage insurance, of up to 15% or $500 of the total cost of Labor (TCL), whichever is less. Total Cost of Labor is defined as the Total Monetary cost of Paintless Dent Repair after all insurance supplements have been processed by the customer’s insurance provider. Discount Hail Repair reserves the right to extend, refuse, or provide partial deductible assistance Any promises made to the customer for deductible coverage within or outside of these terms must be approved by management and documented in writing on the Customer Programs from. In the event a customer’s deductible is less than the amount provided on the Customer Programs Form, the amount of the deductible will be matched. In the event the Deductible exceeds the amount listed on the form, the difference of the amount provided may be owed to the customer if the amount of the deductible exceeds 15% or $500, whichever is  less.  In the event a customer does not qualify for Deductible Assistance, the customer is responsible for making their deductible payment upon completion of repair.

Loaner Car Assistance Program
Discount Hail Repair may provide a loaner vehicle through one of its contracted affiliates to the customer in the event the customer does not possess Car Rental Coverage on their insurance policy. In the event a loaner is provided to the customer through one of DHR’s contracted affiliates, the customer understands that they are to adhere to DHR’s affiliates terms and conditions as outlined in the loaner agreement. For details on these terms please review the contracted affiliate’s Loaner/Rental Agreement provided at Loaner Check Out. Discount Hail Repair is not responsible for damage done to the Loaner vehicle while in use by the customer, fuel expenses, the payment of tolls, or any fees that may be charged to the customer in the event the customer does not adhere to the terms outlined in their loaner/rental agreement. 

Car Rental Assistance Program

Discount Hail Repair may cover the cost of a rental vehicle, in the event a loaner is not available for use, for those who do not have rental-coverage with their full coverage insurance policy, with DHR or one of DHR’s contracted affiliates. Rental Assistance will cover the daily rate + tax of a standard vehicle or below, which does not include the cost of: customer deposit, Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Personal Effect Protection (PEA), Additional Liability Insurance (ALI), gas/fuel, tolls, or any other additional charges outside of the daily rental rate + tax. Any upgraded rentals will be subject to justification as well as ownership approval. The customer will be responsible for the monetary difference of unapproved upgrades, as well as any additional costs to the vehicle outside of the daily rate + tax unless otherwise discussed and approved by DHR ownership. Car Rental Assistance may be used in conjunction with the referral rebate program, and the Deductible Assistance Program for deductibles who meet the minimum TCL deductible requirements + additional TCL of $750 or more.

Referral Rebate Program

Discount Hail Repair will reward a rebate of up to $100 to the customer providing a referral in which the referral completes their repair. Individuals residing under the same insurance policy do not qualify under this program. Referral Rebates are payable with Visa gift card, Zelle, Venmo, or check, once the referred vehicle’s repairs are completed and paid in full. Customer must provide a valid mailing address or be available to redeem their rebate(s) in person at the location of repair.  Failure to provide a valid mailing address or to retrieve rebate(s) in person within 30 days will result in a forfeit of any and all rewards. The Referral Rebate Program is usable with all other Discount Hail Repair programs and offers.

Lease Returns & Trade Ins

In the event the customer is processing a lease return or trade of their vehicle, they understand that DHR and DHR’s Dealership Affiliates are taking their vehicle in on trade/lease in good faith that the hail damage found on the vehicle upon the Dealership’s inspection will be repaired through the customer’s insurance company at the time of loss and Discount Hail Repair. The Customer understands that it is their responsibility to cooperate with all parties, including the Affiliate Dealership, Discount Hail Repair, and the Insurance Company(s) in order to gain approval for the vehicle’s repair and secure payment for the repair to the correct party. The customer understands that in the event they do not cooperate to move the vehicle claims forward, and repairs are unable to be completed through the insurance company, the customer will be liable for the cost of repairs in its entirety, as the trade value is based on the vehicle’s hail damage being repaired. 

Damaged Windshields
Discount Hail Repair does not specialize in windshields. In the event a windshield is damaged, the windshield replacement may be included on the vehicle’s insurance estimate, however the customer understands that it is ultimately up to their insurance company to investigate whether or not it is covered under their hail claim. DHR does not have control over the investigation outcome for the customer’s windshield. In the event the customer’s insurance declines windshield replacement through the customer’s hail claim, out of pocket options may be provided and completed at the customers approval. Discount Hail Repair is not responsible for prior damage to the vehicle’s windshield, or subsequent damage to the windshield due to prior damage on the windshield including the increase in size of chips or cracks which occur due to prior damage and weather conditions, or anything of the like. In the event damage is discovered either during or after the repair, an inspection will be completed by one of DHR’s Independent Glass Specialists to determine the cause of damage and costs of repair will be handled accordingly based on the inspection outcome. 


Discount Hail Repair does not charge a cancellation fee for cancelled appointments. Cancellation fees will only apply once DHR has written marked, and phototed the vehicle, and/or submitted their internal estimate/supplement for repair to the insurance company, and/or dismantled all necessary parts, and/or begun repair of the vehicle(s). Fees may include: $225 Cancellation Fee, $250 Estimate Fee, $100 Administration Fee, $150 Photo Fee, $275 Mark Photo can Clean Vehicle Fee Total Cost of car rental covered by DHR, passed through from enterprise without mark-up OR Total Cost of Loaners covered by DHR. Loaner Fees may include:  $45/day for Standard vehicles, $55/day for small SUV, $65/day for Standard SUVs, $75/day for Large SUVs Other fees may include total cost of R&I, PDR, Body labor, paint time, or any other repairs already made to the vehicle prior to cancellation notification and are charged in accordance to the Estimate completed by the Insurance Company. Customer may also be subject to a $60/day storage fee beginning at the time of vehicle drop off and continuing until the vehicle has been picked up from the facility with all fees paid in full. Cancellation charges are made per car,  All cancellation charges are due upon obtainment of the vehicle. Failure to complete payment will result in the vehicle being held until payment is secured and additional aforementioned daily storage fees will apply. By moving forward with cancellation, the Customer acknowledges that they understand any discounts or customer programs applied to the estimate will be null and void, and future discounts, if any, will be applied at the time the customer resumes repair of their vehicle(s). In the event the customer resumes repair of the vehicle(s) at a later date, the cancellation fee, Estimate Fee, Photo Fee, and Mark/Photo/Clean vehicle fee may be put towards the total cost of repair in its entirety so long as the repair is resumed within 1 year of the invoice date, and no additional damages to the vehicle are found present during the subsequent visit. Daily storage fees, rental fees, and loaner fees are non-refundable. Customers who opt for partial repairs forfeit any cancellation credit(s) to the vehicle(s). Customers who elect to repair their vehicle after 1 year of their invoice date will forfeit all cancellation credit(s). Customers who endure additional damage after their invoice date will forfeit all cancellation credit(s).

Total Loss
In the event the vehicle listed on the Customer Agreement is rendered a Total Loss, cancellation fees will not apply and the customer’s insurance will be utilized to cover all fees associated with the Total Loss outcome. Any total loss fees not covered by insurance must be paid by the customer. Total Loss vehicles are not applicable for any customer programs or specials and any customer programs or specials discussed prior to the rendering of total loss will be null and void. The Customer understands that DHR is not in control of the decision to render vehicles a total loss or the amount of money provided by the insurance company for the total loss.

Billing and Payment
Discount Hail Repair will only accept payment in the form of insurance check, cashier’s check, personal check, or cash. DHR will collect payment via the customer’s Auto Insurance Policy associated with the corresponding claim & policy number documented on the Customer Agreement. If the insurance company pays either a portion of or the total amount due, the insurance check/draft must be obtained by the customer or sent in advance by the insurance company for the consideration of repairs made to the vehicle.  The customer authorizes any and all supplements payable directly to Discount Hail Repair. Customer authorizes DHR to act as power of attorney to sign and endorse any check and/or drafts made payable to the customer in any release thereto, as settlement for any claim for damage to this vehicle. The customer may be responsible to make arrangements with any lien holder or other payees to endorse the insurance check/draft prior to the release of the vehicle. DHR reserves the right to request a cashier’s check for amounts due by the customer which are larger than $1,000.00.  In the event a cashier’s check is requested DHR is not responsible for any fees associated with obtaining a cashier’s check. Payment is due upon completion of repairs, before the vehicle is to be released. Upon release, DHR will provide a copy of the repair invoice, documented as paid for the customer’s records. In the event a customer in unable to utilize their Auto Insurance for repair, a cash price may be negotiated with ownership.  Cash priced customers will not be eligible for Car Rental Assistance and will be disqualified from current specials/promotions. If the vehicle is removed from the shop before repairs are complete, the customer is responsible for payment of all work completed including any applicable handling fees or service charges. To secure payment in the amount of repairs, an expressed mechanics lien on the vehicle is acknowledged and the customer will be responsible for paying any attorney’s fees and court costs in the event that legal action becomes necessary to enforce these terms. DHR may also repossess the vehicle if payment is not secured. If you have any questions, concerns, billing inquiries, please contact us.

Additional Fees
Discount Hail Repair reserves the right to charge additional fees to services outside of Auto-Hail Repair, unless agreed upon by ownership, and documented on the “Prior Damage Assessment/Notes Section.” All quotes on additional repairs will be discussed and agreed upon by the customer and DHR. Quotes on additional services are guaranteed solely toward the customer and vehicle(s) mentioned on the Customer Agreement. Upon completion of repair for all services, the customer has 3 days to obtain their vehicle, and return any loaner vehicle(s) provided to them, unless otherwise arranged with DHR. Failure to obtain the vehicle and return any loaner/rental within this 3 day time period, or make arrangements with DHR will result in a $60/day storage fee as well as a $45/day rental fee in the event a loaner/rental is being provided through DHR. All storage and rental/loaner fees will be due in addition to the total amount due upon completion of repairs, at pick up, in order for the vehicle to be released.

Discount Hail Repair will not deny service or require a prepayment or deposit for service based on your race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, lawful source of income, level of income, disability, familial status, location in an economically distressed geographic area, or qualification for low income.

Privacy Statement
Flash Finish Dent Repair and Discount Hail Repair are committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within the company on a need to know basis only use any information collected from individual customers. FFDR consistently reviews it’s systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our customers. Any information concerning the customer and their respective Client Records will not be passed to third parties, unless legally required to do so to the appropriate authorities. Clients have the right to request sight of, and copies of any their personal Client Records DHR keeps.  Clients are requested to retain copies of any literature issued in relation to the provision of our services. Where appropriate, DHR shall issue Clients with appropriate written information, handouts, or copies of records as part of this TOS.